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In the beginning there was Photography

I am Steve. As you can probably guess I’m a bit of a fan of photography. In fact, it takes up a bit more of my time than my wife would like. If it brought in some money it might be a different story. It doesn’t. If I go any further with this or want to make any upgrades I think that I may need to actually put it to some good you… maybe some portaiture is  in order. We’ll see. My goal is to have the D700 by years end. Selling my D300 is an obvious final step in that process. Any takers???

I’m getting big. I mean… watch out cause I’m climbing in the ranks! Ok. Not really. But I can dream big. At the turn of the new year I decided for the first time ever to make a New Year’s Resolution. I started a 365. As you can see it fell flat on it’s face as soon as it started. Not the best choice as I don’t have the time to go out and do that EVERY day. Thought the lessons learned would be great, it’s just not gonna happen. I love spending time with my wife too much. I suppose I take time from other things, but it’s pretty much work and spending time with my wife. If I’m having fun, it’s gonna be with her… we’re inseparable like that 😉

Here I can come and go as I please and be more content with my photography than with what happens on flickr. I can show my photos and tell the story that goes with it… much better than I ever could with Flickr. So here you have it. My “new” New Year’s Resolution. TADA!

To kick things off right I figured I’d take one of my recent favorites and show it off a little!

That beauty on the left is a vulture. She’s not circling so I’m guessing she just ate some scraps.

Thanks For Stopping By!
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5 thoughts on “In the beginning there was Photography

  1. Kealy Meese on said:

    I cracked up at the third sentence of the blog. But even with photography, we still manage to be mushy! Good job honey, can’t wait to see more! :*

  2. Nice! Your post needs more pics though. Keep having fun with photography. It suits you.
    Can’t wait to see you again!

    • Lol, thanks Pops! It’s not all about having a bunch of my fotos on here. That’s why each picture is linked to either the whole pictures set on my account or to some other relative link. Like the picture of our photographers, Roy and Benny, is linked to Roy’s site, and when you click on Benny’s name it goes straight to his site.
      I think the part about this that I like most is that I can tell the story behind the pictures or the trip. The pictures represent a small part of the story, and as a link to more pictures so that you can see everything else we saw. I’m really excited about this. I’m gonna keep this going even though I know I’ll have hardly anybody looking at it for quite a while. The more I do and the longer and harder I persist I think this might actually get going. Hopefully this sight will grow as my photography skills grow.
      Maybe this will help me get a name for myself as a photographer. Maybe it’ll just be a fun way for friends and family to see the adventures that Kealy and I have while we’re on the other side of the country. Only time will tell. As you can tell, I’m pretty excited!

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