Stephen Meese Photography

Window Shopping in Downtown Vicenza

I was inspired by my father to do go downtown on a walkabout and to document what I see. Actually, he said he wanted to a lot more pictures on my posts (they’re all on Flickr). Here you go dad! This night was all about my 50mm f/1.4, no tripod, and a lot of high ISO’s. So you’re stuck with it! This is all in order from the moment I got off the bus to the moment I got back on.

Our first stop is a little punk rock shop called Velvet.

Cute little shoes aren’t they?

Next door I got a little hungry as I looked in the window at the pizza.

Typically I don’t like italian pizza all that much, but I was hungry so an exception was made. I was pleasantly surprised. Delish! Probably one of the best pizzerias I’ve found in Italy thus far.

After eating and downing a Coke I made my way toward the local camera store. I needed a couple filters for my new 50mm. On my way I was distracted by something SHINY! Shiny coats are definitely “in” in Italy.

Look! More shiny!

Then of course I got distracted by something else. Dad, this one is for you. What is YamamaY backwards? YamamaY!

Now, this is what YamamaY IS… 😉

Ok, finally made it to my camera store. Very nice and VERY pricey!

“How much is that camera in the window? That one with the twinkling lens?”

Next door to the Mac shop is some suit store that had an Audrey Hepburn poster.

Love me some Audrey ❤

A peak inside some cafe… it’s actually really nice inside.

Found some sexy italian shirts that I’d never ever wear.

Ah… the night is winding down and I need a cappuccino from my favorite cafe.

Should I sit outside?

Nah… too cold. I’ll sit inside.

Ahh… My cappuccino. Mmmmmm 🙂

On my way to the bus stop is a cinema.

And a bike just outside too.

Possibly the best part of the night was seeing Indiana Jones on the cover of a book.

Finishing off the night was a warm bus ride back to post. See, even guys wear shiny!

With a black and white…

And another random person.

There you go! Downtown Vicenza in a nutshell!

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