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Transfer: Italy to Georgia

You haven’t seen anything on here for a while because I’ve been going through the exhausting ordeal of changing duty stations. The worst part of it all is that it was going from one country to another, then driving cross country to finish it off. Lucky for you I took a few pictures just to make sure you believed me 😉

On the plane ride from Venice to Paris.

Our stop in Paris.

Fun with reflections.

The never ending plane. Just like it’s the never ending flight. I loath transatlantic flights.

A short stop in Utah to meet back up with my wife. Finally together for good! We stopped here at her favorite temple in Bountiful.

Temple Square

I did a friend a favor and took a few shots of her wedding. This is her adorable daughter.

And the beautiful couple!

We left Utah to make our way to where we’ll really begin our marriage in Georgia. Here we drove through Wyoming where Kealy got a speeding ticket.

I didn’t get any shots from the worst state in the country, Kansas. The highways ALL THROUGHOUT the state were covered with compacted snow… or, ice. It was just way too dangerous to even try taking a shot. We actually slid off the road avoiding an accident. Crazy winter weather there.
Our next stop was in Nashville where we took a day to stretch our legs and visit the city. And I added some shots for my reflections album.

My wife with a view from the courthouse.

Now, we are in our new home… Georgia. Looking for place to live. About to start work. Hopefully I get some time to scout out some nice places for some photo shoots! There are definitely some ghetto places out here, but it’s also very green and very beautiful! I’m seriously optimistic! More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Transfer: Italy to Georgia

  1. Kealy Meese on said:

    I may have gotten a speeding ticket, but you forgot to mention your towing ticket cost more than my ticket. Just had to point it out. :p

  2. Yeah, but I was avoiding an accident!

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