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My names is Stephen Meese. My story begins a little differently than the average photographer. I started using my first DSLR while I was in Afghanistan. I had no idea what I was doing but I was having fun. Then someone stepped in as a sort of mentor; showing me the ways of the Force. Every day he would show me new ways of getting a desired effect. What settings are best suited for different environments, light, lenses.

One thing didn’t seem to flow the way I thought it should have. I didn’t like his style! Who wants to be stuck in a room with one backdrop and bright lights beaming in their face? Not me.

In steps photographer Roy Iswanto, stage right.

Roy Iswanto is a photographer the Greater Los Angeles area to include Orange County and other surrounding areas. After my wife and I had decided to get married we were introduced to Roy. He is this crazy Indonesian photographer who really knew his stuff. He and I immediately hit it off. He was an actual photographer and I was this guy who spent $600 on a bottom of the line DSLR. My camera seemed so small and dinky in comparison! I had no idea what I was doing, yet I loved photography.

Roy’s personality is wacky and a little crazy at times, but he was always driven by catching that special moment. And it had to be real. Nothing too posed or fake at all. Not to say that posing is bad, but you just didn’t feel like you were being posed. Just guided. The results were beautiful. Needless to say I was completely hooked.

Now, after years of practice and fine tuning and getting the courage to actually step up into portraiture, I am here. Offering you the opportunity to capture some of the most precious moments with the ones you love.


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